Need help choosing the right truck for your towing needs? We’ve got you covered. Depending on what you want to tow, how much you want to tow and what you’ll use it for, there’s a Ram truck for you.


Knowing your Gross Combined Vehicle Weight (GCVW) will give you an idea of how much capability you'll need. You've got to account for each piece of the puzzle—passengers, cargo and everything in tow. Add up those weights to find your GCVW.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the total maximum allowable weight of a fully loaded vehicle, including passengers and payload—but excluding all towing. This is the total amount of curb weight, cargo weight and passenger weight combined.

Gross Trailer Weight Rating

The Gross Trailer Weight Rating is the total weight of the trailer plus the maximum allowable cargo in it.

Gross Combined Weight Rating

The Gross Combined Weight Rating is the maximum allowable weight of the towing vehicle and the loaded trailer—including all cargo and passengers—that the vehicle can handle without risking damage.




One thing that often surprises first-time truck buyers is that towing and payload weights affect each other. If you're carrying a heavy payload, make sure to lighten your trailer load and vice versa.


The way your truck is built affects what it can do. Features like cab size, box length, wheel drive system and transmission all influence how much your truck can tow and haul.

A Regular Cab truck seats up to three passengers for maximum towing and payload capacity. By limiting the number of passengers, more of your vehicle's Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating can be devoted to towing/payload.
The Quad Cab® seats up to six passengers for a good balance of passenger comfort and greater towing/payload capacity. (Only available on Ram 1500.)
The 2019 Crew Cab is longer than earlier models and still seats up to six passengers comfortably, while providing even more room for storage, passenger room, reclining seats and more. Because it focuses more on passengers, this Crew Cab may increase your truck’s curb weight.
The Mega Cab® seats up to six, with maximum legroom to optimize passenger comfort. It increases your truck's curb weight and overall Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating. (Only available on Heavy Duty pickups.)
Wagon models seat up to five, while Cargo Van models seat up to two. Covered cargo storage and responsive steering ensure efficient transportation of goods and passengers in city environments.With an unsurpassed towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds, you can bring along the gear necessary for work or play.
Cargo Van, Cutaway and Chassis Cab models seat up to three, while Window Van models seat up to five. Each model is customizable with several lengths, heights, capacities and potential upfits available. Towing and payload capacities vary based on length, height and series selected.

Regular Cab


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