The Farmer in all of us

Explore the stories of Grayce, Jake and Arnold—three individuals determined to support their local ag communities. Ram Trucks honors their commitment and hard work with The Farmer In All of Us program, showing what all farmers have in common: Drive.


As an eighth-generation farmer, 18-year old Grayce Emmick has something to say about farming and tradition. Because she's already been working at Emmick Farms for half her life. "I'm a support system for my family and a provider for America. And because of that, I can never stop what I do."

But her commitment isn't just to farmers and farming—it's to driving the conversation about women in the agriculture business, whether it's from the seat of her Ram 2500 or out in the community. “People will doubt you, people will judge you, for the simple fact that they say this is not a woman's job."


Hay isn’t just for horses. Ask Arnold Pennoyer, and he’ll tell you it’s for his cattle, who graze the fields of his Wyoming ranch. For his nearly 300 cows, he needs to fill the bed of his Ram 3500 with more than 200 tons of hay at any given time. Why? Because it’s all about giving his cows—and everyone else—exactly what they need.


For Jake Ledoux, the farm is more than a farm. It's home. And an opportunity to turn the family tradition into a passion for the future. And though he's faced the ups and downs that every farmer has, Jake's optimism has deep roots.

Whether he's sitting in his Ram 3500 or tending his crop, Jake is always looking to the future. He continues to create the best product he can, always keeping in mind that he—and his farm—are meeting the needs of his land, his family and his commitment to sustainability.