Farming is more than an occupation. It’s a way of life. It’s not just 9 to 5. It’s 24/7. It’s a lifestyle we understand. That’s why the Ram Brand is as committed to helping you as you are to farming and ranching. Ram Agriculture Experts across the country participate in ongoing training designed and delivered by your fellow farmers and ranchers, making them better prepared to serve you than anyone else in our field.

Properly secure all cargo.

Properly secure all cargo.


Farmers of America 
Farmers of America Bonus Cash. 

Case IH 
$1,000 Consumer Bonus Cash for those who have purchased eligible Case IH product. 

New Holland 
$1,000 Consumer Bonus Cash for those who have purchased eligible New Holland Agriculture Product. 


We work with various agriculture organizations to better serve you and your needs. Ram Agriculture is working every day with exclusive industry partners to bring you what you need most: durability, knowledge and value. Our Agriculture Awareness training program, used to set the foundation at Ram Trucks' Certified Agriculture Dealerships, was created and is delivered by farmers and ranchers. It carries several industry endorsements, especially from farmers and ranchers who actually work at dealerships. The growing list of companies that are partnering with Ram AgPack create the industry's only ROATI (Return On Agriculture Truck Investment). By working with other agriculture corporations, we're helping you save on the operating costs of your farm or ranch. And by partnering with organizations like FFA and 4H, we are also trying to do our part to secure the future of agriculture. Companies like Agrible and Agro Liquid have worked with Ram Trucks to create the only farm management package offered by a truck manufacturer. We’re also partnered with AgDirect,
Reinke and Gallagher.

While you may find any of our Ram trucks useful for your needs, the Ram Harvest was built specifically to serve the farming and agricultural lifestyle. View the truck by clicking on the button below.