MUSIC: Rhythmic tempo, rock guitar STORYLINE: Ram Trucks engineer explains the difference between 1500, 2500, and 3500 and which of these trim levels is perfect for your towing equipment. SCRIPT: Dave: Hi, I'm Dave Snyder from Ram Trucks. And in this video we're going to talk a little bit about choosing the right truck for your towing needs. If you're towing a small boat, camper or for lighter commercial trailers the fifteen hundred is probably the right truck for you. The twenty five hundred may be your choice for a fifth wheel camper, gooseneck trailer, or some heavier commercial applications. But the ability to tow the maximum amounts a thirty five hundred is where you should look. You'll use a DRW or dual rear wheel when you need your truck to offer a higher gross vehicle weight which contributes to a higher towing capacity. It helps when towing larger R.V.'s, boats, horse trailers, or your heaviest commercial trailers. If you decide to choose a Ram product, rest assured they all carry the latest trailer tow technologies. Make sure to reference the manufacturer's website to check your specific truck and trailer combination. For more information go to