SUPER: Ram Trucks logo SUPER: WHAT TRUCK IS RIGHT FOR YOU? SUPER: Dave Snyder – Ram Engineering Dave: Hi, I'm Dave Snyder from Ram Trucks. And in this video we're going to talk a little bit about choosing the right truck for your towing needs. LEGAL: Always tow within the vehicle’s capacity. Properly secure all cargo. Dave: If you're towing a small boat, camper or for lighter commercial trailers the 1500 is probably the right truck for you. The 2500 may be your choice for a fifth wheel camper, gooseneck trailer, or some heavier commercial applications. But the ability to tow the maximum amounts a 3500 is where you should look. You'll use a DRW or dual rear wheel when you need your truck to offer a higher gross vehicle weight which contributes to a higher towing capacity. It helps when towing larger R.V.'s, boats, horse trailers, or your heaviest commercial trailers. If you decide to choose a Ram product, rest assured they all carry the latest trailer tow technologies. LEGAL: Some features optional. Note that the lower trim models do not have available all the tech Ram offers. Dave: Make sure to reference the manufacturer's website to check your specific truck and trailer combination. For more information go to SUPER: Ram Trucks logo | Know Before You Tow LEGAL: Ram is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.