In the Pacific Northwest, Greg and Victoria Hostetter are surrounded by forests. Everywhere they turn there are staggering Douglas firs, evergreen Western hemlocks and fragrant cedar reds. They’ve made their home in the heart of the woods because of these trees. And out of this love has grown an inherent drive to protect them.

The two love the Pacific Northwest so much that they’ve made it their life’s work to preserve this precious space. To fight deforestation in their beloved Washington, they’ve sought to give trees a second and third life, by taking discarded wood and crafting it into something new and beautiful.

With the help of their Ram ProMaster®, the Hostetters are able to seek out scrap wood, stacking beams in the back of their van or securing slabs on top. Together they drive to and from their secluded studio creating one-of-a-kind vintage furniture. They saw, glue, solder and polish until a unique and useful piece emerges. And in this careful process, they’ve fueled their purpose. They’ve brought the forest to the heart of every home.