Matt Meddock has always been California through and through. He grew up surfing the southern California coastline and skating the streets of Newport Beach. His outdoor, on-the-go lifestyle of sand and skate has left little time for fine dining and restaurant reservations. His vibe was always more grab-and-go, packing sandwiches in his backpack so he could fuel up while staying on the move.

But Matt grew tired of the take-it-to-go taste. Deli meats from who knows where topped with greens from far away. It didn’t suit the local vibe he loved so much. He wanted a neighborhood shop that was good-to-go and actually good. So he set about making it happen. He enlisted the help of Chef Max Schultz to create a sandwich shop designed to fuel surfers, skaters and everyday people alike. They’d source only the freshest ingredients and their food would taste good—like, really good.

As the business grew, it gained attention from influencers in the surf and skate worlds. By sponsoring these athletes, Sessions West Coast Deli was suddenly in the spotlight. Since these athletes signed on, Sessions has grown to more than four locations around Southern California. And each location walks their talk, holding true to Matt’s original idea. They make food with fresh, local ingredients, pack it into a Ram ProMaster City®, and head en route to surf, sand and beyond.