Lauren Roumayah has always loved cookies. As a kid, she spent hour after hour baking in the kitchen with her mom, Paula. The two would mix batter, roll dough and taste test flavors from Chocolate Chunk to Browned Butter Pecan. Most days, she’d rush directly home after school because she couldn’t bear to leave a batch unfinished.

Once Lauren graduated from college and had a taste of the “real world,” she found it to be bittersweet. When her husband, Tony posed the question, “If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?” Her answer was simple, “Bake cookies.” And so they did.

Ever since, the two have been up at dawn and at work until dusk. They cart ingredients through Detroit in their beloved—and expertly branded—Ram ProMaster®, stocking flour, eggs and sugar in what has become a four-wheeled billboard for their business. Wherever that pink
Ram ProMaster is driven to, it draws smiles at every turn.

But it’s not just the onlookers with grins on their faces. While Lauren may now be the hardworking grown-up, she’s never lost touch with her inner child. With each flavor she imagines, she asks, “Would the kid in me like this?” It’s that connection to the past that makes the present so much sweeter.