When Carol Lavin Bernick founded Enchanted Backpack, she had magic on her mind. The kids she saw growing up in the heart of Chicago were inspired, energetic and moving at a pace that rivaled the city itself. To fuel this drive, the kids would need school supplies. Pens, pencils and paper were just the beginning. Chicago was ready to give, but it needed a means to deliver.

Carol had a solution. She sourced two Ram ProMaster® Vans and outfitted them with first-class features. But beyond their available automatic folding mirrors, rearview cameras and on-ramp accessories, Carol also added a bit of enchantment. She wrapped each van in an eye-catching blue design, complete with illustrations of books, colored pencils and more kid-inspired images. And while the outside of the vans was inspiring, the inside was where the magic really happened. These vans contained over $50,000 worth of supplies to be delivered to schools across Chicagoland. And deliver they did—to more than 19 schools to date. Carol proved that with a little imagination, delivery vans can deliver more than just the goods.