Nena Barlow & Tana White
Tana and I like to think of ourselves as born rebelles. We’re not afraid to tackle the tough terrain—and to get a little gritty doing it. In fact, I think we both might even prefer it that way. There’s something fun about going off the beaten path. Maybe that’s why the Rebelle Rally is something we’re drawn to. It’s all about facing challenges, getting down and dirty and proving that you’re just as tough as the next guy.

The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States. Made up of eight full days of competition—it’s not a race for speed really—it’s more based on headings, hidden checkpoints, time and distance. We use maps, a compass and roadbook. What we can’t use? Cell phones, computers or GPS. And that’s maybe the best part.

For me, Nena, I’ve been competing in the Rebelle for years now. My first go at it was with a 2017 Flame Red Power Wagon® affectionately named Ellie. That truck never let me down. This year, I came back with a Hydro Blue beauty we dubbed Winifred. She’s a 2020 Ram Power Wagon who’s got all the bells and whistles plus more space than we could ever imagine. She weighs in at 7,055 pounds, with 410 hp, 429 lb-ft of torque and a total length of almost 239 inches—she’s probably the largest thing on the course.

This year, I partnered with Tana White, a serious boss when it comes to navigation, and also an avid Ram fan. Like me, she’s no stranger to the Rebelle Rally. Together, we packed up and took on eight days of adventure. We used every off-road feature Winifred had to offer. The disconnecting sway bar was a must for tackling desert tracks—full of wash outs and rocks—not just to maximize tire contact, but also to make a huge difference in ride comfort. Scrabby hill climbs were a cinch thanks to the axle lock feature, and the aggressive traction control system really made for a seamless off-road driving experience. Throughout the entire rally Winifred was our cabin, the available RamBox® Cargo Management System was our toolkit, and the bed—at times—was literally a bed. Winifred was without a doubt our team MVP.

Ultimately, we wrapped up this year with two stage wins and 11th place overall—quite the accomplishment! The Rebelle is an experience that tests so many things. The rally teaches you so much about yourself, your teammates and your true grit. It really shows you what you’re capable of. One thing this year affirmed for me is that we’ve got one beautiful country and some seriously capable people in it. I for one will always go off the beaten path to explore those remote places and to find those adventurous people.