This video follows the adventures of a couple who both live and work from their Ram ProMaster van. The couple is Callen and Abbi Hearne of the Instagram channel @thehearnes. Callen and Abbi are both interviewed about what it’s like to live and work on the road. The interview they give is used to narrate the video. Throughout the video, we see parts of their interview, but also parts of their life on the road. We see them travelling, working, planning their destinations, motorbiking, and exploring the outdoors. CALLEN AND ABBI’S NARRATION: Abbi: My name is Abbi Hearne, I'm an adventure wedding photographer with my husband Callen. I live in my van full-time. Callen: We're never parking in one place for more than 48 hours. You bail on a ton of normalcy. Abbi: It takes a lot of sacrifice but everything we need is right here. Callen: We are rocking the RAM ProMaster, 136 inch wheel base with a high roof. Abbi: We have solar panels up top. I can plug in my computer, I can charge camera batteries. Callen: We're presented with a unique situation every week. We love to be able to function in all these different environments. Abbi: You can always do more than you thought you could. Be more brave. Stronger. Callen: We've learn how to just roll with the punches. There's a lot of people who get stuck. Abbi: Our life is so free. I mean we're just limitless. I feel open to doing anything I dream of.