This video follows the adventures of a Seattle-based wood worker and weekend warrior, Ryan Wells. We see Ryan go through his day with his vehicle, the Ram ProMaster, aiding in all of his pursuits. During the week he works on custom projects and uses his van to deliver wood to/from his shop. But on weekends, the van transforms into his private base camp so he can hike, bike, and fish his way through Seattle’s coasts. As we see Ryan’s adventures, we cut to shots of him in his van, talking about his life. His thoughts are used to narrate the video. RYAN’S NARRATION: “My name is Ryan Wells, I live in Seattle, Washington. I came out here for a construction job and that transitioned into woodworking. These cargo vans that are really designed for work, can also be used as a cool basecamp for whatever you want to do. This is a RAM ProMaster 1500 high roof. I can park this anywhere and that was the main reason we wanted it. Um, and my wife likes the way it looks. We thought it was an opportunity to take the small space and do with it what we want. Everything's ready to go. Which means I'm just more likely to go out, even just for one night. We do that all the time. That's one of the beauties of van life, it's wherever you want to be, it's wherever you want to park it.”