This video follows the adventures of a couple living life in their van, seeking out new places to hike and rock climb. The couple is Matt and Lisa of the Instagram channel @alpinemargarita. Matt and Lisa have chosen a Ram ProMaster, which they’ve named ‘Daisy’, to take them on their adventure. They tell us about their plans and how the Ram ProMaster helps facilitate their trip. We see glimpses of what it’s like to have two people living their life in a van. Despite the tight spaces and minimal possessions, Matt and Lisa clearly demonstrate that they enjoy their life of adventure and freedom. Matt and Lisa are individually interviewed, which we see glimpses of throughout the video. Their interview narrates the video. MATT AND LISA’S NARRATION: Lisa: We believe in adventure over gathering a lot of stuff. Matt: We've been on the road now for six months, in a RAM ProMaster named Daisy. We really love to rock climb and deal with the unexpected. You have to have a partner that you trust because they're holding your life in their hands every time. Daisy is the high roof 159 ProMaster. It's got front-wheel drive, cruise control. I think she adapts to the train sometimes better than we do. Lisa: The van only works if we work together. Matt: About 6"3' where the bed's located. Lisa: We wanted to be able to stand up, cook dinner, it had to be exactly the right size. Matt: Being able to bring your home with you makes it easy to be adaptable to anywhere you are. Lisa: I have these moments where I wake up and I feel lost, but then I look around and I'm in my perfect home with Matt and...I'm found.