0:01 MUSIC 0:05 SUPER Harman Kardon and Ram Trucks present 0:11 SUPER Ian Noe 0:13 SUPER “Between The Country” Between The Country, National Treasury Recordings, 2019 0:19 TALKING Ian Noe: The song “Between the Country,” I started ¬– I finished it the night before we started recording, so… 0:25 TALKING Dave Cobb: Is that true? I didn’t realize that. 0:27 TALKING Ian Noe: It took me a year to finish it. 0:29 TALKING Dave Cobb: To me, the main thing about that song is the space on it. There’s so much space, so much space on the record, and that’s the perfect example of like, it didn’t need anything to carry it, cause the lyrics are strong enough. 0:30 SUPER Dave Cobb 0:32 SUPER Producer, Between the Country Six-time Grammy Winner 0:41 TALKING Ian Noe: That’s, yeah, it was the main thing. The space. It’s not clogged up with anything. 0:45 TALKING Dave Cobb: You wanna go listen to it? 0:47 TALKING Ian Noe: Let’s go listen to it. Dave Cobb: Alright. 0:48 MUSIC 0:50 LEGAL Available features shown throughout. 0:53 TALKING Dave Cobb: Well the most important thing about a record, is, check it in the car. 0:56 TALKING Ian Noe: Always, yeah. 0:57 TALKING Dave Cobb: That seems to always be the litmus test for everything. 1:01 TALKING Dave Cobb: You wanna play it? See what checks out? 1:02 TALKING Ian Noe: Yeah, let’s play it. 1:02 TALKING Dave Cobb: Hit it. 1:03 MUSIC 1:34 TALKING Ian Noe: “On down, between the country” – This means in between all the streets, and trees, and mountains, and all that, just all the stories and lives that are going on. 1:39 MUSIC (UNDERNEATH TALKING) 1:44 TALKING Dave Cobb: To me, it was moving the window between the artist and listener. 1:51 TALKING Dave Cobb: I just remember how specific you were about the reverb; you heard something in your head and you wouldn’t give up until you got it exactly what you wanted ¬– I love that. 1:58 TALKING Ian Noe: Yeah, icing on the cake for the song. 2:01 MUSIC (UNDERNEATH TALKING) 2:06 TALKING Ian Noe: It sounds so good. 2:07 TALKING Dave Cobb: Really good. 2:09 TALKING Dave Cobb: The speakers, to me, sound like the speakers in the studio. I mean, that was the whole goal. 2:10 SUPER Available 19-Speaker Harman Kardon Sound System Audio Consultant: Dave Cobb 2:14 TALKING Ian Noe: That’s exactly what it sounds like. 2:15 TALKING Dave Cobb: Yeah. I think I got the job on a dare, the guy asked me if I could meet what was there, and I acted like I could. And the next thing I know, I was in Detroit, messing with the speakers with the Harman guys. It was unbelievable that I got to sit with all the geniuses. They seriously wear lab coats at Harman, and I got to play around and sit with them until I felt like it was right. 2:39 TALKING Dave Cobb: Bring it up! 2:40 MUSIC 2:53 SUPER harman/kardon BEAUTIFUL SOUND 2:56 SUPER RAM BUILT TO SERVE ramtrucks.com 2:56 LEGAL Ram is a registered trademark of FCA USA LLC.