Disruption Never Looked This Good

How Ram Trucks Raised the Standards and Changed the Game.

The pickup world shifted on its axis back in 2018. That’s when the new-generation Ram 1500 began rolling from Ram Trucks’ world-class, $1.5-billion factory in suburban Detroit. From its chiseled styling to a knockout interior and innovative tech, Ram sent a seismic wave through the industry: Americans would never look at a pickup the same way again.

Few had imagined a tough-as-nails truck could be this versatile, comfortable and bursting with features: Was this really a pickup, or a luxury car in disguise? The Ram 1500 Limited became the red-carpet showpiece, including genuine wood trim, richly grained leather and a 12-inch Uconnect touchscreen. That touchscreen quickly became a national talking point in trucks, dwarfing rivals in screen size and intuitive features. The dramatic screen paired smartly with a configurable center console, large enough to use as a work table, or to swallow a laptop.

As Ram powered its way across America, the word spread with it: This was the gotta-have pickup, forging a rare consensus among truck fans, auto critics and industry experts. Sales exploded. Awards followed. The Ram 1500 seized a spot on Car and Driver’s 10 Best for 2021, the only pickup to make its prestigious list.

Setting a pickup benchmark is one thing. Now, with customers expecting the best, Ram Trucks is rolling up its sleeves to deliver even more. That is demonstrated by a growing lineup, ever-evolving performance and a relentless focus on quality, testing and durability borne out through the latest in technology and advanced manufacturing processes.

A Proactive Push to Exceed Expectations

Owners cite evident quality—from a quiet, rock-solid structure to impeccable materials and fit-and-finish—as a key reason they chose a Ram over rivals from Ford, Chevy and others: owners like Rich and Linda Barritt. The Barritts owned multiple Chevy and GMC pickup trucks over more than 20 years. But they switched to a 2020 Ram Laramie Longhorn after seeing how much their son loved his.

“We looked at the Silverados and GMC Sierras, and frankly they just seem old and stale, even after their redesigns,” Rich Barritt says. “The Ram Laramie Longhorn was just different, so upscale—you can tell they’re really working at it. The truck is just leaps and bounds better than even the upscale Chevys and Fords.”

The Barritts have driven their Ram—in striking Pearl White—from New Hampshire to their winter place in Naples, Florida, where it’s been ideal to haul gear for offshore fishing. Barritt, who also owns a Jaguar SUV and an Audi convertible, is thrilled with the Ram 1500's own luxury and available convenience features: The 12-inch Uconnect screen, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, and heated and cooled seats.

“I don’t know of any truck that has cooled seats in back, and when you’re driving with people in Florida, that’s awesome,” he says, along with the available height-adjustable air suspension that makes it easy for people to climb in or out. And that standout suspension delivers a remarkably smooth ride.

“All the noise cancellation built into it is really beautiful,” he says. “The truck drives so quietly. They really deserve credit for what they’ve done.”

He’s been impressed with the quality and attention-to-detail as well.

“I took it in for a scheduled service at around 10,000 miles and didn’t have anything to tell the dealer to do; no squeaks, rattles, nothing. We’re really counting on this truck to last.”



The velocity force of a door is studied and certified, to understand exactly how that feels and whether it's too hard to open and close.


Every build joins 250 parts in a weld cell. Micro gaps are measured and standardized piece-by-piece to help with structural integrity.


Each panel is scanned by camera (as opposed to humans) to compare to its prototype, helping to combat deviations or ripples that may catch the light.

An Unrelenting Focus on Power, Quality and Process

Ram Trucks has elevated that quality by elevating owners and Ram-driving employees, responding to their needs and suggestions in a 24/7 feedback loop of refinement and quality control. In fact, Ram is tested to meet the demands of a “Top 5%” of owners who put their trucks to the most grueling tests. That includes towing, with Ram engineers designing heavy-duty trailers in-house to ensure every customer truck passes muster. At the hardiest end of the spectrum, the Ram 3500 can tow up to 37,100 pounds. Owners can plop 7,680 pounds of payload in its sturdy bed. Its Cummins® Turbo Diesel amasses 1,075 pound-feet of torque, more than some commercial semi cabs. It’s the first truck in its segment to top 1,000 pound-feet of torque.

After talking with owners at the Mint 400 Rally in Las Vegas, America’s most prestigious off-road race, Ram Trucks built its own off-road durability test track in Arizona for the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX, a brutal gauntlet that includes a high-speed loop and sandy washes. Beyond real-world testing in extreme conditions and ambient temperatures, every component—doors, buttons, latches, glovebox—is operated thousands of times by machines to ensure they will last beyond the typical life of the truck.

Segment-best safety is also top-of-mind, including available Pedestrian Emergency Braking and adaptive LED projector headlamps. They’re among more than 100 safety and security features available on the 2021 Ram 1500. So equipped, the Ram 1500 is the first and only pickup to earn a TOP SAFETY PICK rating under the newest, most-stringent tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (as of March 2021). The Ram also scored the highest possible ratings in all six IIHS tests of crashworthiness.

Loyalty That Is Built on the Backs of Its Customers

Customers like Nick Meyer appreciate the engineering goodness beneath the Ram 1500 Limited’s handsome skin. The Bucks County, Pennsylvania, resident and luxury-car fan realized he needed a pickup to tend to a home and four-acre property. Out went a BMW X5 SUV, in came a 2020 Ram 1500 Limited with virtually every available option.

“The interior of the Limited—the leather-wrapped stitched dash and door cards—is on par with the BMW,” says 33-year-old Meyer, a consultant for a major tech company. “The back seat is roomier and works better for my dogs, better for my family. The quality is there.”

“I could not love this thing more,” says Meyer, a self-described “discerning buyer and passionate enthusiast” whose fleet also included a Porsche Panamera GTS sedan. “I looked at every truck out there, and nothing came close.

“The Ram has become our go-to truck even for daily driving, if we run to the grocery store or the bank,” Meyer says. “It’s exceeded [my] expectations for anything in the class.”

Bottom line? Ram Trucks’ performance, capability and quality starts on the drawing board. Sophisticated design meets top-flight engineering, with obsessive testing and metrics at every stage of development. In 2020, hundreds of thousands of new Ram pickups rolled off the line at the ultra-modern factory near Detroit — Stellantis’ largest in North America—backed by 7,200 American workers whose pride and skill are also integral to the truck’s success. But the ultimate judgment comes on every street, work site or backroad in America where you’ll find a Ram: Among models built over the past 30 years, Ram has the highest percentage of trucks still on the road. More than Ford, more than Chevy. No wonder Ram is the most-awarded light-duty truck in America, with the highest owner loyalty—and now, more and more converts who are ditching rival pickups to join the Ram team.


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