In 1993, Tantré Farm was founded on a humble 3-acre plot growing root vegetables. Since then, the farm has expanded rapidly in size and scope, harvesting “everything in the catalog,” according to owner Richard Andres. Roughly a third of the space is used for crops that benefit the larger community. The rest is wild area, with pasture and hay to ensure the soil stays nourished and healthy. “When families come to pick berries,” Richard boasts, “there’s no worry about fungicide or insecticide. We don’t use any of those.”

What makes this farm unique is the collective of Community Sourced Agriculture (CSA) farmers who come to the space to learn how a sustainable farm can operate. Richard believes, “There’s a sense of original discovery every year because we have new people who want to come here, work here, grow produce and see what a full season of sustainable farming is like.”