Northgate Market is a family owned business. We're in Southern California. There's 40 fresh food stores, 13 brothers and sisters and my grandfather, so, we've been in business for around 40 years. It's not a typical grocery store, we sell a lot of authentic prepared food. It's really about delivering the freshness. Wesell a lot of specialty cuts andmeat. We also have our “taqueria”it really has that Hispanic flair to it. Selling authentic foods is something that we're really proud of. It's a centerpiece of the table. It's what brings the families together. Yeah. You know I think our business mission is wanting to give back to the community andbe very involved with family obviously just like we are in our day to day. There's a few RAM trucks in our family from the first 3500s that we've had to the RAM 1500 Eco Diesel Laramie model. It's big enough to fit a pallet of oranges, a palletof cactus. This RAM 1500 is very spacious inside as long with the very nice long bed, which allows us to throw in the pallet full with crops in the back to really carry those big loads over to the Northgate Market stores. The role the RAM truck provides for me, you knowit's a very versatile truck. I oversee the LA district, the operations. It's 13 stores. Yeah, I go from store to store drive quite a bit. I really liked this hemi engine, it's got that power. So, having that 5.7 liter engine really helps to get to places faster. I have a RAM 1500 eco diesel.It’sa very fuel-efficient vehicle. I can visit the stores in San Diego, I can visit the stores in Los Angeles. This RAM 1500 is very roomy inside. I feel very secure driving the truck because of the comfort and the safety features it has. This is something I look for to carry my big family. At the ranch, I could towhorses with it. When looking for a vehicle, I looked to the RAM because, not only is it stylish and cool as my son says, but it's good for work and for personal. You know it also gives me that massiveness to it as well, that sturdiness of a vehicle. Makesyou proud to drive that RAM truck. We want to pass all our traditions onto our kids. We're very tied to our culture and I think thatitreflects in our business. You walk into any of our stores and you feelthe nostalgia. You feel like you're in a special place in Mexico.