My name is Paul Berenger, I'm an operations manager here with Delta Mechanical. We install water heaters same day and also emergency. Our customers have to have hot water. We also add in installs for basic plumbing needs, everyday faucets, sinks, that kind of thing. Part of what we strive for is consistency and professionalism at all times. We have a brand new uniform fleet of vehicles. It represents the company very well and it allows a well portrayed image, and again, uniformity. We have both the Pro Master city and the pro master. RAM has come through and proven their quality. The functionality of the vehicles are just above par. I find that the RAM family suits Delta Mechanical very well since it's a modern technology vehicle, it's assisting a company that is very much time based. So, with that, comes reliability. We got to get to the customer's house on time. We got to get there on time. My name is Mario Valencia and I worked with Delta mechanical as a plumber. I love the mountains, I love the desert, I love that my company sends me out to far away calls and I really love my Pro Masters especially the long trips. When you do a water heater, you need a lot of parts. I can easily jump into the van. I can stand there and still have plenty of room, get my parts, get out of it. Getting the dolly out, carrying the water heater out. Access is so much easier than anything I ever worked with. Part of my role is to make sure that customer service is held to a standard. So with that, I do random field visits. With the RAM Pro Master City, it's small and nimble and we find that it's super versatile. It's like my mobile office. Hey Frankie, what's going on? Hey Paul, I'm calling cause I'm gonna need a water heater over here. Send me the model number. I'll pick it up. Hey, Paul with Delta Mechanical. Hey, nice to meet you. How are you doing I just want to stop by real quick and check on one of my technicians. With the Ram Pro Master City, it's a cargo van, but yet it drives like a car, so it's comfortable with to zip around the city in, and large enough that I could put everything that I need in it. They're almost vertical walls in the vehicle, so there's not a lot of wasted space. We get eyes on all the plumbing throughout the house. If my technician, deems that the water heater is faulty, all he has to do is give me a call, I can pick up the water heater, put it in the back of the RAM Pro Master City, run it out to him, and keeps him in the customer's home while I do the leg work per say. In the open road, it feels like you're driving a car, even though you might have five, six water heaters in the back. People need basic plumbing and hot water. Delta mechanical, will get it to them.