Alpha Graphics is a printing and marketing company here in East Nashville. It ranges from large to very small digital printed items and everything in between.East Nashville is an area where artists and musicians started coming and some music venues popped up that became popular and we do a lot of work for musicians. What they all need are show posters. It was an idea that we had to create an area where when someone's waiting for their posters they can sit down and play and we benefit from it ‘cause we listen to some great music here. Thank you. I have several responsibilities with the company. I do all the sound installations, bulk mailings to the post office, all the deliveries. Every morning I pack the van for a whole day's worth of deliveries. I can fit, whole, upright signs in there. Having the two sliding doors and then the back doors that open all the way out is really great. We learned how important it was to grow the business, to have a delivery vehicle and so we zeroed in on the RAM Pro Master City. It got really very good fuel mileage and the styling was good. The Pro Master city has a lot of power for its size. It really can get up and go. It was the right size for what we needed. They're going to be pole banners that we have to use a big 16-foot ladder that we attached to the top of the Pro Master city. It's comfortable, it drives like a car. We do a lot of deliveries and work in the city and the size of the Pro Master City is a real difference maker that we can get in and out very easily. “Hey how’s it going, how you doing today?” “Hey!” “Got some posters for you.” “Appreciate it, we’ll check them out.” “Hey, sounds good.” The RAM Pro Master City, it's been fantastic, very reliable, very versatile vehicle. When you're getting out to make the delivery, you need to be quick and you can just slide the door open, grabbed your package and you're in and out in no time. What I love the most about my job is you never relive the same day twice. You're always constantly moving, doing new things and the RAM Pro Master City is perfect for all aspects of the job. The world's become increasingly digital. Clients want their printing and graphics now, Alpha graphics and RAM Pro Master City get it to them.