MUSIC: Upbeat, instrumental rock. STORYLINE: In the video, we take an in-depth look at the 2019 Ram ProMaster® and its most notable product features. The video opens on a full shot of the ProMaster® situated in a warehouse, then proceeds to cutaway to more detailed shots of the vehicle. Throughout the video, the key features appear on screen as animated text and graphic elements. In chronological order, the features include: - Class-Exclusive Front-Wheel Drive for All-Weather Conditions - Premium & Durable Brembo Brakes - Best-in-Class Standard V6 Horsepower - 260° Articulating Rear Doors - 56.0” Best-in-Class Cargo Width at the Wheel Wells - Side Sliding Doors for Standard-Sized Pallets - 66.3” Best-in-Class Standard Cargo Height - 21” Lowest Load Floor Height - 36.3’ Best-in-Class Turning Diameter for Max Maneuverability - Three-Piece Modular Front Fascia for Efficient Repairs - Nearly Vertical Sidewalls for Ease of Upfitting - 75.6” Best-in-Class Cargo Width