I’m Travis DeMarcus, I work at Red Dog Dumpsters, I drive a RAM 5500 6.7 Cummins. I deliver and pick up Construction Dumpsters.I started RED DOG DUMPSTERS about 3 years ago in Nashville Tennessee.Which started with one truck, twenty containers.Today we are 7 RAM 5500 trucks strong in 2 states and over 300 containers.We consider ourselves a very current, internet-based company, where you can simply just click on our website and you will have a dumpster in a couple of hours.At RED DOG, we have two different size containers, both have the same footprint, they’re both 8 feet wide, they’re both 12 feet long. The difference is the sidewall height. They’re a fantastic fit for construction sites, industrial or residential style. The RAM 5500 doesn’t really have a problem with any kind of task thrown at it. It’s a workhorse. The aftermarket hook lift system that we’ve chosen fits on the RAM Chassis seamlessly.The controls inside the cabin are perfect for our drivers.We’ve got two levers, we’ve got a lift and a tilt and basically the truck does all the work for itself.Nashville’s a booming construction market. This kind of product is an absolute necessity on every job site.I like the RAM truck because I can put a dumpster anywhere. There’s very rarely a spot that I can’t get to. Some of the situations we get to are a really tight squeeze.A normal truck wouldn’t get in there.This RAM Truck, no problem at all, it will make its way in there. The reason we chose RAM, it provided us with the most comfortable large cabin, it gave us the engine that would support the kind of payload we carry around and the price point on it was magnificent. We take a lot of pride in making sure our containers look sharp, because we get it.It’s in your driveway, it’s on your property.The homeowners fill it up and seven days later, it’s gone.The Cummins Diesel Engine is an amazing piece of machinery.It will pull a full load like there’s nothing there at all.The RAM 5500 gave us the greatest payload for a single axle heavy duty vehicle such that we can carry these heavy containers.It’s important that we’re able to haul that stuff away. Our RED DOG logo on this white truck makes the RAM look good and the RAM makes us look good.This RAM drives like a luxury car. It rides smooth, it’s just an all-round great vehicle.If you need a dumpster delivered fast, RED DOG will get it to you.