Chassis Cab VSIM Usage Instructions



The RAM Truck engineered upfitter module called the VSIM (Vehicle System Interface Module) with sales code ?XXS? is standard with Ambulance Prep (sales code AH2), a ?must have? option with PTO Prep (sales codes LBN or LBV), and is available as a stand-alone option. It provides a multitude of useful I/O?s to increase upfitter friendliness and upfit simplification.  Vehicles not ordered with this option from the factory cannot be retrofitted.

Specifics supplied below:

  1. Ghost drawings showing the module location within the dash panel.

  2. The VSIM includes an upfitter wire harness kit (part number 68319578AA) consisting of four separate color coded harness bundles.  Each individual color harness must only be plugged into its

    corresponding VSIM connector cavity, see photos below showing harness color installations.

  3. A photo of the four individual color coded VSIM upfitter harness bundles. Note that in a few instances an individual wire color is duplicated within a bundle ? these duplications are further identified with a paper ?flag? showing its circuit number. It?s recommended that the upfitter, upon harness bundle routing direction determination(s), install additional harness bundle abrasion protection over each bundle (such as harness convolute).

  4. Photos showing module installation within a vehicle and harness bundles.

  5. A chart below delineates the circuits within each color harness bundle, circuit number, signal, wire insulation colors, maximum allowable amperage per circuit, and circuit function.

  6. A chart below delineates the available 250K J1939 Bus messages.

  7. Note 3: PTO idle speed circuits W541, W542, W543 can only be programmed to function if the vehicle was built with PTO option sales codes LBN or LBV.