SUPER: BEHIND THE BADGE | THE MAKING OF THE 2021 RAM 1500 TRX DISCLAIM: Available features shown throughout. [Music track, Galway Clover playing. Upbeat, intense instrumental melody] Opening shot of a silver 2021 Ram 1500 TRX accelerating over sand in a desert. Cut to close shot of the side of truck driving over sand. Sand blows and hits camera. [Engine revving] SUPER: ENGINEERING| TRX Wide drone shot of the truck rapidly driving through a desert at dusk, sand blowing behind. DISCLAIM: Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt. Pre-production model with unique aftermarket equipment not approved for on-road use. Consult owner’s manual before off-road driving due to circumstances that may impact safe vehicle operation. Jeff Roselli [Chief Engineer]: The goals for the Ram 1500 TRX suspension were, no holds barring, absolutely flat-out desert performance to be the best production truck on the market. Cut to shot of Jeff Roselli in front of a flame red Ram 1500 TRX in a bright studio. SUPER: JEFF ROSELLI | CHIEF ENGINEER Cut back to silver Ram 1500 TRX speeding through sand dunes. Sand flying everywhere. [Engine revving loudly] Jeff Roselli: We learned early on in that that really, travel was king. 13 inches of front suspension travel, 14 inches of rear. Close shot of pair of hands on steering wheel, followed by side shot of the truck in the desert, wheels churning over sand dunes. Cuts back to Jeff infront of truck in studio. Jeff Roselli: One of the very unique packaging challenges was coming up with a spring that fit against our pickup box, which has to maintain the standard Ram 1500 cargo volume, but also uptight against these massive Goodyear tires—put us into a really tight box for that spring. A lot of engineering man hours went into packaging and making a spring like that. We found two suppliers in the world capable of making it. One of them, we got into business with in order to make a 23.6 inch tall spring at free length. Absolutely massive. Series of close shots of spring and tires in action, accelerating over blowing sand in desert. Cuts back and forth from truck in desert to Jeff speaking. Jeff Roselli: The suspension is an independent front suspension and a 5-link coil suspension in the rear. It's controlled by Bilstein adaptive damping. We've got many modes to control it, but again, the goal here is maximum off-road performance, but also giving the customer options on-road, both in all around comfort mode setting in the auto mode and also in aggressive sport setting that definitely ties the vehicle down. And then again, in the Baja mode, we've got a suspension that really allows the vehicle to relax, uses all of that suspension travel, allows the different vehicle attitudes, but also allows you to put down the power and keeps your kidneys nice and happy while you're blasting across the desert. Camera shifts to a series of exterior motion shots of truck in desert, alongside interior product shots, illustrating different product features Jeff refernces in VO. Cuts back to Jeff in studio. Jeff Roselli: The thing about the system is there are no trade offs. We can adjust constantly to anything that we're seeing, whether it be the accelerometer inputs or the wheel position in order to either tie the vehicle down. If you've chosen sport mode or free it up if you've chose Baja mode. Series of wide-angle shots of the truck driving through the desert at sunset. [Engine revving] Cuts back to Jeff in studio. Jeff Roselli: There is nothing more telling than being able to idle up the steepest, sandiest, lowest traction grade that you can find, truly pull up to the very bottom of it and just hammer down and cruise up as if there were no incline at all. The truck really does magical things like that, it just can't be beat. Wide shot of sand blowing on massive desert edge, followed by series of shots of the flame red and silver trucks climbing the steep incline of the ridge effortlessly. Cut to final slow-motion shots of the (silver) truck descending the ridge, sand blowing behind. SUPER: RAM TRUCKS LOGO DISCLAIM: RAM is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC. [music fades]