GUERNSEY FARMS DAIRY Guernsey Farms Dairy is a third-generation family owned company that started in 1940 by my grandfather. This farm has been around for over 70 years and they’re doing the same thing that their parents were doing and the same thing that their parents were doing. Having a relationship with our farmers is really important to us because we want to know where our milk is coming from. “Good Farm” Guernsey has been around for 78 years. We consider ourselves a super-premium product, we’re about small batch, handcrafted from the farm all the way to the table. When we started looking for a vehicle that was smaller and compact, capable of putting refrigeration on them, RAM Pro Master City gave us exactly that. One of the best things about these vans is that they are so compact. I’m able to park real close to the door. Ice cream brings people together. We want people to experience the Guernsey difference. We’re committed to quality. I usually drive about 100 miles a day.The graphics that we have on the van speak for themselves. That’s advertising for us, it’s a billboard for us. I don’t have to even announce myself when I get to the customer, they know I’m already there.“Hi” Hi, how are you? I’m good, how are you? Good, Thank you so much. The Pro Master City allows me to give a more personalized service. Hey Chad, how are you? Good. I’ve built some great friendships over the years. These vans are great, they hold like 1800 pounds. That’s like 40 cases for us. We can make twice as many deliveries in half the time and half the cost.It’s awesome to be able to deliver ice cream to somebody and see it bring a smile to their face. People love their ice cream and we gotta get it to them.