Air is all around us, whether it’s hot, cold, moving or still, everyone needs it.I like my morning commute, not too much traffic yet, still dark out, kind of get an idea of how I see the day mapped out.“How’s it going man?”“What’s up buddy”“It looks like we ‘ve got everything we need”“Yeah let’s grab this”.Randazzo started in 1988. We were predominantly a new construction business at the time. In a growing business there is a time where we need to go and make a conscious decision on keeping our trucks uniform. Today, being more of a service type business, we’re using the RAM Pro Masters as our vehicle of choice. RAM with their Pro Master bodies has really perfected what a cargo van means to contractors like Randazzo today.Here’s our call. We can just pull right in, get a nice clear path to the air-conditioner. Putting the 5-ton in this one.How we looking?Pretty good, wrapping her up, just have to open the ports up and we’re good to roll.The cargo capacity of the Pro Masters are great. We can fit the largest air-conditioners, the largest furnaces in these vehicles and still have room for supplies to complete the entire installation. Being front wheel drives, that handle well in the Michigan climate, the snow and what not. Such a heavy-duty vehicle with an economical engine, even completely loaded up, the trucks ride like a dream. The RAM Pro Masters have the tightest turning radius I’ve ever seen in a cargo van. I was at a job last week where the guy was in love with our truck. He couldn’t stop commenting on how sharp it looked pulling up. We’re pretty unmistakable as soon as we pull in the driveway, you know it’s Randazzo. He was curious, he wanted to take it for a spin.We really like the low platform with the equipment that we’re putting on the trucks today, it makes sense to have a lower vehicle, it’s easier for the guys. If you think of how many people need warm air or cool air, we’re the ones that get it to them.This is always the reward after a long days work. Daddy I got you something…Yeah, that looks like a good one.