SUPER: Ram Trucks logo SUPER: HOW TO HOOK UP TO A CONVENTIONAL TRAILER SUPER: JD Schmid – Big Tex Trailers SUPER: Brant Combs – Ram Heavy Duty Brand Manager JD: I'm JD Schmid with Big Tex Trailers. Brant: And I'm Brant Combs with Ram Trucks. JD: Today we're going to take a look at how to properly and safely attach a conventional trailer to your tow vehicle. Brant: The first thing you want to do when hooking up a conventional trailer to your truck is secure the trailer with wheel chocks. Then you'll want to adjust your jack to make sure that the receiver is high enough. LEGAL: Always tow within the vehicle’s capacity. Properly secure all cargo. JD: Then we're going to back that truck up underneath that ball. This is usually a two person job. Somebody standing next to the trailer and another person backing the truck up. Brant: But not with this truck. On the Ram 2500, you'll be able to hop in a cab yourself then you can put the truck into bed lowering mode that will lower the bed with air suspension. And on your 360 degree view, see your surroundings as well as have a backup camera with a zoom. So just press a button, zoom in on the ball, make sure that you're backing up under the receiver on the first try every time. LEGAL: Always check entire surroundings visually before proceeding. JD: That makes it a lot easier. Brant: Then hit the bed lowering mode again to raise the rear of the truck with air suspension back up inside of the coupler. JD: Once the ball and coupler are connected you have to secure the safety latch to make sure that the trailer and truck are connected. Then you insert a pin in it to keep that coupler from coming undone as an extra safety feature. From there you hook up your safety chains. Brant: On the conventional trailer we'll want to make sure that we cross the safety chains. If anything were to ever happen and the trailer would become disconnected the tongue of the trailer would fall down on the cross chains. JD: That keeps it from coming down and digging into the ground. A great feature. Make sure you always cross those safety chains. Then you want to hook up your breakaway safety cable for the brake system. It's a very simple cable that attaches right to the hitch of the truck. Basically, that's a cable that's made to break away in case the two ever separate from each other its unlikely that is to happen if they ever do that'll lock up the breaks in the trailer and keep it from coming forward any further. And next you're going to hook up the trailer wiring to the truck. Brant: That's right. You'll take your seven pin connector, plug it in to the seven pin receiver integrated in the bumper, then you can hop in the cab and you'll see on the driver display that the trailer has been connected. Then you can press your hazard lights, hop out, make sure that all your clearance lights and brake lights and blinkers are working...and then remove your wheel chocks. JD: Once that's all set you can jump in the truck and take off. Once you get a little further down the road you want to adjust the gain on your brakes. We'll check that out in another video for more details. That's a look at how to hook up a conventional trailer to your tow vehicle. SUPER: Ram Trucks logo | Know Before You Tow LEGAL: Ram is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.