Juanes and RAM Trucks

An Award-Winning Truck. An Award-Winning Artist.

Juanes and RAM Trucks

Ram A Todo Con Todo

Show Transcript

To build a modern marvel, another one is necessary.

A truck with the best towing.

Two and a half tons more than the competition.

With power.

With a high payload capacity.

And the best fuel economy.

Legal: Ram is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

Ram. A Todo. Con Todo

Integrity. Dependability. Hard Work.

That's what went into engineering the new 2013 Ram 1500. It's how we were able to give this truck Best-in-Class fuel economy and an unsurpassed Powertrain Limited Warranty. But those three qualities are also what make Juanes who he is: an award-winning artist and social activist. And, as you can see in our latest video, that's why we're proud to call him the newest partner of the Ram brand.