Safety & Security

Ram 1500 is equipped with Safety & Security technology. Dynamic front crumple zones and side-impact door beams help absorb impact forces from every angle. The Ram 1500 side occupant protection system includes side-curtain airbags+ and side-impact door beams.

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Safety Cast: Drew Regan

Drew: When we set out to build a safer vehicle, this is the essence of what we do. When there's a crash, my job is to protect the passenger.

When the vehicle stops suddenly, the passengers may collide with some parts of the truck's interior. So we try to minimize the effects of that crash.

Our system is made up of two parts, the structure and the restraints. The structure is the steel that makes up the body and the frame.

The restraint system is the seat belts and the air bag. They work together to lessen the effect of the crash on the body.

The structure of the Ram starts right here with the tow hooks, which are designed to deform under impact loading. Those tow hooks are tied to the hydroformed rail tips, which are connected to the full vehicle frame underneath the structural cab.

A great feature for the new 2013 Ram 1500 is the seat-side airbag.

The seat-side airbag comes out during a side impact from this section of the seat. At the same time, a side airbag curtain deploys from the ceiling. Ram was the first truck to make a side impact curtain standard.

As engineers, we deal with moving bodies. And when a vehicle comes to a sudden stop, it's our job to make sure that energy is not transferred to the occupants.

So no matter what else goes on with the truck, we never compromise on security.

Because the most important cargo is the moving bodies inside the cabin.

Accident Avoidance

For optimum control, Ram 1500 combines Electronic Stability Control+ (ESC), Trailer Sway Control+ (TSC) and four-wheel Antilock Brakes (ABS). ESC senses trouble and automatically performs brake and/or throttle corrections. TSC performs similar automatic corrections upon sensing sway in a trailer. And ABS helps improve braking and control on slippery surfaces.

Safety Avoidance