Function has never had a more impressive form. The exterior of the 2013 Ram 1500 isn't just redesigned to look better. It's also re-engineered to perform better.
With active aerodynamics, an upgraded grille/texture and front fascia, it's both beautiful and powerful.

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Air Power

SUPER: Optimize without compromise. That’s strength evolved.

Air power

Active grille shutters

Air suspension

Wheel-to-wheel tubular side steps

Dave: Work truck. Sports car. Why bring them together? This is the epitome of hard work. This is about moving through the air with ease. Our goal was to do both in one vehicle. Capability and aerodynamics. The new 2013 Ram 1500.

Trucks are built for work, so they’re not inherently aerodynamic. To enhance the way this truck flows through the air, we started with the logical place: the front end. We made the lower air dam out of a very flexible, durable material. That allowed us to increase the aerodynamic performance by placing it closer to the road without risking damage from being driven into a curb, or when driven off road.

The lower air dam is only the beginning. Take a look at this. These are active grille shutters. They allow the truck to be both capable and efficient, depending on the situation. Let me show you how. The grille on the new 2013 Ram 1500 is enormous. It has to be. When you’re towing, the engine generates a lot of heat. So you need a giant influx of air to cool it. So here, the active grille shutters are open. But when you’re just cruising down the highway, the engine is plenty cool. So all that air flowing in is nothing but a drag. Here, the shutters close automatically and the air flows around the truck, rather than into it. This is much more aerodynamic. This technology is common on big rigs, but we’re the first pickup to have it.

See this? You wouldn’t think it helps with aerodynamics but it does. We originally extended the tubular side steps to provide easier access to the truck bed. But we found through testing that by enhancing the shape, we could actually improve the airflow around the truck.

Sports cars are one thing, they’re built low to the ground to increase aerodynamics. A truck can’t always be that low. So often you need better ground clearance for capability. So we asked ourselves, how can we do both? The answer is air suspension. You get the ground clearance you need, when you need it. But at highway speeds, the air suspension lowers the truck automatically. So the truck flows through the air more like a sports car.

We completely changed the aerodynamics of this truck, without ever changing the sheet metal. The result is that we have excellent aerodynamics in a truck that works harder than ever.

Lets get back on the track.

SUPER: Guts. Glory. Ram.

Ram 1500 Projector Head Beams

Projector HeadLamps

See more and see it more clearly with new available premium headlamps. Automatic High Beam Control Intelligent Headlamps use a state-of-the art CMOS light sensor to automatically switch headlamps from high- to low-beam.

Ram 1500 Active Grille Shutters

Active Grille Shutters

A key component of our evolved aerodynamics technology. Segment exclusive available Active Air Grille Shutters+ open to cool the engine and close at highway speeds to reduce drag and improve efficiency.

Ram 1500 Exterior Aerodynamics

Exterior Aerodynamics

A new aerodynamic wheel-to-wheel tubular sidestep. A lower air dam made from a durable, flexible material so it can be closer to the ground without risking damage. The little things can have a huge impact on enhancing airflow around the truck.

Ram 1500 Rambox Cargo Management System

Rambox® Cargo Management System

Perfect for storing tools, gear, and beverages. The available class-exclusive RamBox® Cargo Management System+ offers lockable, lighted, drainable storage. And it's now even more convenient with remote keyless entry.